Welcome to the website of the United States Military Training Mission

Welcome to the website of the United States Military Training Mission (USMTM) in Saudi Arabia, a special facility that was established by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the first King of Saudi Arabia Abdul Aziz ibn Saud.
In 1945, history was made when then President Roosevelt met with King Abdul Aziz aboard the USS Quincy on the Suez Canal. For several days, the two leaders talked and formulated the cooperation between the United States and Saudi Arabia. In between informal talks of their interests, farms and Roosevelt’s wood garage door repair in Michigan, the two leaders formalized their countries’ security cooperation.
The USMTM was the ultimate manifestation of such discussion. It is currently and historically the biggest security assistance being provided by the United States to a country. Its mission is three-fold. It works by training, assisting and advising the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces to be ready, able and available to support the interests of both countries in the region. Currently, this is manifested by the United States’ provision of training and military exercises as well as professional military education to their Saudi Arabian counterparts.
In this view, this particular website was created to provide more information about the USMTM and its work in Saudi Arabia. All the information provided in this website are non-classified, intended for the general public and the families of all of our forces who are deployed at the USMTM. Our goal is to provide transparency in the work that we do and showcase the decades-long cooperation between the United States and Saudi Arabia in terms of military services and in keeping the peace in the Middle East.
This website contains the following information:
The Work of the USMTM
We are proud to showcase the work of the USMTM in Saudi Arabia and how we are able to protect the interests of both the United States and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East region. We work in training our forces and in improving the peace and security in the region. This is manifested in our more than 70 years presence in the area. Here, you will find information of the work that we have done for the past 70 years and counting.
Support for families of USMTM
We provide strong support for the families of our USMTM soldiers, whether they are located in the United States or have joined our men in the USMTM base in Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to ensure that they have available support services in terms of finance, medical services, counselling and psychological services, parenting, education, training, among others. The U.S. military ensures that all military families are taken care of. Here you can find information on the different types of support that we offer. If you cannot find what you require, we suggest that you check out the Contact Us tab and send us an email.
We hope that you will be able to find all the information that you need here about the USMTM.