The United States Military Training Mission has been working in Saudi Arabia for more than 70 years, as agreed by then U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Saudi Arabian King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud. It is our mission to conduct joint training exercises, provide training and military education to our Saudi Arabian counterparts. The goal of this cooperation is to ensure that both the United States and Saudi Arabia work in tandem in securing and protecting their interests in the Middle East region. Due to this long-term cooperation, both countries have been able to generate various successes in their work in the region and gain valuable alliances and cooperation with other Middle Eastern countries.
This particular website is USMTM’s initiative to provide information about its work in Saudi Arabia. In an effort to ensure transparency and to showcase the work that we have been doing, we have created this website. We sincerely hope that you will be able to learn and understand the work that we do through the information that we have provided here.
Know that USMTM is doing its best to make available all unclassified information about the work that we do. This is also to provide the public with all the required information that they need to be able to know about the cooperation agreement that we have with Saudi Arabia, its scope and the kind of services that we provide.
At the same time, this website is also geared for the families of our soldiers deployed here at USMTM. We provide information on all the services that they can access while in the United States or even if they have arrived at our USMTM base. We want you to be able to access all the services and benefits that you are due as members of military families.