It is the primary mission of the United States Military Training Mission to provide training, assistance and advice to the military forces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The entire point of this cooperation is to be able to jointly protect and uphold the interests of the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.
In the more than 70 years of our presence in Saudi Arabia, we have been able to provide assistance in boosting their defense capabilities through various military exercises and in the provision of military education. Our work in capacity building has been concentrated in the following areas:

  • Providing assistance to the Royal Saudi Air Force in terms of building and boosting the power of their air force. With our partnership, they have undergone a massive development and overhaul in more than 70 years.
  • Enhancing the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force in terms of strengthening their air and missile defense capabilities through the provision of training services and cooperation in the purchase of necessary equipment.
  • Boosting joint advisory services in terms of the creation of organized groups and elements required for enhancing the Saudi Arabian military’s self-defense capabilities. These organized groups include military intelligence services, medical services, war tactics and courses, among others.
  • Provision of assistance to the Royal Saudi Land Forces in improving their capacities and in the enhancement of their military education.
  • Enhancing their capability for self-defense and protection against the threats of terrorism by providing assistance to the Royal Saudi Naval Forces Marine Forces and the Royal Saudi Naval Forces Special Forces.
  • Improvement and enhancement of the capabilities and training of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces through capacity building and the provision and purchase of the necessary equipment for its naval fleet.