Support for USMTM Families

The United States Military Training Mission works hard to support the families of its soldiers deployed in the USMTM facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provide support to family members, both immediate and qualified extended families who reside either in the United States or in our Saudi Arabian base. Our services include the following:
Finance Services
We provide loan services as stated in the incentives and benefits package of U.S. military personnel. These financial instruments can be made available to qualified immediate and extended family members.
Medical Services
All qualified family members of U.S. military personnel can take advantage of medical and dental services, all for free. These are available on-site inside our various military bases or in selected public hospitals, the list of which can be requested from our medical officers. Pre-natal and OB-GYN services are also available for female spouses of our service members.
Counselling and Psychological Services
We have various counselling and psychological services available for family members. These include anger management, stress management, support groups, spousal or child counselling, family readiness and so on. Services for spousal maltreatment and neglect as well as child abuse and neglect are also being provided. These can be taken in any of our bases or in any of the clinics provided in our official list.
Parenting Services
We also provide services for spouses of our military personnel with children. We have child services including daycare facilities and child play areas that are guaranteed safe and approved by the Department for Child Services. We also offer sports facilities for older children, including sports training programs for basketball, soccer, among others. Other child training programs, for arts, dancing, singing and other activities are also available.
If there are particular programs that you require which are not provided here, feel free to contact us.